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We’re on a mission to provide vehicle manufacturers and organisations with the tech to connect to the autonomous transportation networks of the future.

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Connecting vehicles and autonomous mobility businesses

We provide autonomous technology from the ground up - from autonomous platforms to validated open source software and the data layer in between - with products that provide the functionality to link vehicles with self-driving systems.

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Autonomy is rapidly disrupting transport across many industries, from the rise of robotaxis and automated airports to miracle mining.

Within the next decade, fleets are set to takeover from private ownership. Our vision is to be the default platform for vehicle manufacturers to connect to the autonomous transportation networks of the future, just like Android has done for mobile phones.


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Tweets by @StreetDrone

Driverless cars: 'digital highway code' considered in UK review #selfdriving #tech #autonomousvehicles

Fantastic last day at Advanced Engineering 2018, discussing barriers faced by companies working in the #autonomousvehicle space. And it was a great opportunity to demonstrate our #StreetDroneONE to @grahamstuart.

As ride-hailing and car-sharing fleets expand, and #autonomousvehicles hit our roads, will the pressure of finding a vehicle that can do everything disappear? Small vehicles, such as the #Twizy (or even a #StreetDroneONE!) could be the next big thing.

Congratulations on your win @wayve_ai

A brilliant day for some scanning around #Oxford with our #StreetDroneONE R&D vehicle! A great example of the #LiDAR resolution and accuracy achieved when performing #pointcloud clustering for object detection. We love the fact that we can clearly see a bus and road signs!

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