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5 minute interview – Adrian Bedford, Head of Software for StreetDrone

By StreetDrone,

October 12th, 2017


Name and occupation please

Adrian Bedford, physicist, programmer and Head of Software at StreetDrone

What is it that you do that you love the most?

I love problem solving, especially when someone say “it can’t be done”. At the moment I’m spending a lot of time learning about the NVIDIA PX2 and the stack – there’s an incredible amount of building blocks that are there that need to be understood and stitched together

Tell us a little about the sexiest tech you’re working with at the moment

PX2 box again – its at the bleeding edge of technology in terms of processing and autonomous driving. There are few people who are experts with this type of technology (except the NVIDIA developers of course) and that makes it exciting and challenging.

How is what you’re doing going to change the world?

What we’re doing will make the development of AV tech easier – and we need automotive autonomy as everyone knows because it will save lives, and improve our environment. I love the fact that we’re working on advanced engineering and technology that will enable that to happen more quickly.

Tell me something surprising about yourself

I’m an amateur fencing coach in my spare time. I also used to build navigation systems for missiles.

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