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Demonstrating the StreetDrone ONE capabilities

By Sonya,

September 6th, 2018

We decided to make an early start one morning, and took the StreetDrone ONE out around the Oxford streets before people started to make their way into work. The reason? To test and demonstrate the StreetDrone ONE capabilities, recording the LiDAR and camera functions, showing how the vehicle can process LiDAR information to create point cloud data maps.

In our bid to help get the world to full autonomy faster, we want to continue to develop our StreetDrone ONE and self-driving products to enable others to become involved with the autonomous world. We believe that many companies now involved in self-driving development don’t necessarily have the resources (or budget) in which develop them, and that is where the StreetDrone ONE comes in. We are facilitating the testing of distinct products for autonomous vehicles – computers, sensors, cameras and LiDAR – and testing them in the real world.

By collecting the local data, we are able to use our localisation algorithms using raw data that is streamed from the LiDAR and the maps we generate to establish our position in velocity in the real world. The StreetDrone ONE is only a small part of what we do, but is essential for real-world development of those specific self-driving systems fitted to it.




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