Out-of-the box autonomous urban trials.

We provide an open, end-to-end solution to bring autonomy to your urban environment.

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Safe, connected, open autonomous vehicle technology

To get you to your self driving ambitions faster, StreetDrone can provide an array of back end services including vehicles, open source self-driving software and data services

We have built an expert team of automotive and autonomous engineers who each understand that our mission is all about speeding up the adoption of self-driving technology by putting safe, connected autonomous vehicle technology on the road. That mission is all we focus on, and it’s built into all of our technology:

VehiclesDataOpen Source Software

Enabling Development

We’ve have a close and collaborative working relationship with our customers and we’ve seen first hand how our technology is helping all of them to increase the speed at which they are developing and testing self-driving technology, and the mobility services of the future that are reliant on it’s safe implementation.

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