Steering, brake, throttle
& ancillary control

StreetDrone provides read and write access to all vehicle data critical for integration of self-driving software

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Automotive engineering is at the heart of our what we do, and nowhere is that clearer than in the drive-by-wire systems that we integrate into each vehicle.

StreetDrone provides read and write access to all mission-critical data, with just a few examples listed below:

- Steering, braking, throttle status and demands
- Safety driver interventions
- GPS/IMU data
- Autonomous vehicle sensor data (Cameras, LiDAR, RADAR, Ultrasonics)
- Drivetrain, power and battery status - Ancillaries and occupancy

StreetDrone also builds multiple safety features into the drive-by-wire system:

- Safety driver takeover via steering wheel, brake, throttle
- Arm and engage system
- E-cut out switch
- Redundant monitoring of sensors
- Computation unit time-out
- Vehicle dynamics based actuator limits
- Optional extras such as remote e-stop and geofencing

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Shielded data access

Through its open interface, StreetDrone allows application developers and fleet operators to access all of the necessary vehicle data for development and deployment.

Through our vehicle interface protocol, StreetDrone allows read/write access of key data, all whilst shielding vehicle manufacturer's IP, and ensuring that data is safely controlled at all times.

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