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Hong Kong Productivity Council launch autonomous vehicle program using StreetDrone ONE

By mike,

July 30th, 2018

Whilst it has been an incredible journey designing the components and process for building the StreetDrone ONE (https://streetdrone.com/streetdrone-one/), it has been even more incredible delivering the cars to customers. 

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC – https://www.hkpc.org/en/corporate-info/about-hkpc), a Hong Kong government funded technology agency, received delivery of their StreetDrone ONE last week, and we were their to help them launch their autonomous vehicle technology program. 

It’s been a challenge exporting to somewhere so far flung but we’ve been helped by the fact that, through our motorsport connections, we’ve been able to find help in both understanding the rules on importing test vehicles into the region and with the actual process of importation. Of course we now have plenty of new connections in HK and China and looking forward to exporting our next vehicles.

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