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StreetDrone Twizy gets starring role in parade

By Sonya,

January 3rd, 2019

We were excited to join Twizy Tours as part of their leading role at the 33rd London’s New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) – the largest outside broadcast in the UK on 1st January 2019, 12pm.

12 Union Jack wrapped electric Twizys led out the Parade, which included our autonomous-ready StreetDrone Twizy. The Parade, starting in Piccadilly and ending in Whitehall, has been running since 1987. Today it attracts over 650,000 street spectators, a global television audience in excess of 600,000,000 (covered by every major network in both the US, Canada, UK and China) and approx. 10,000 participants. It is an event that is supported by Her Majesty the Queen, the Mayor of London, the Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster and the Mayors of all the London’s Boroughs.

Twizy Tours will be looking to implement StreetDrone technology as it develops it’s brand in the future, and continue to lead the way in cutting edge future entertainment experiences.

Read the official press release here:

Self Driving Car Gets Starring Role in Parade

You can also watch full coverage of the parade on the LNYD website.

About Twizy Tours: Combining cutting-edge technology and award-winning production, Twizy Tours is immersive entertainment offering independent city exploration and discovery-based experiences. Jump into one of their 100% electric Renault Twizy vehicles and nip through the streets for an authentic encounter that’s unique every time. Fun and easy to drive, Twizy Tours’ GPS guided tour and experiences make your London adventure one to remember.

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