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The world of autonomous vehicles is about to get shaken up thanks to @StreetDrone. Innovative philosophy of affordability and open source software #AutonomousVehicles #innovation


If you've ever wanted to know a bit more about StreetDrone and what we are about, take a look at our recent video talking about #selfdriving #tech and our role in helping people get involved in the #autonomous world.

Great to meet @VelodyneLidar @MSCSoftware @Siemens@mighty_ai during our time at the #AutonomousVehicleTechnologyWorldExpo.

We’ve had some great conversations at the #AutonomousVehicleTechnologyWorldExpo today. Come and see us if you get a chance, we’d love to talk to you about the #streetdroneone and your innovations. #selfdriving #tech

StreetDrone vs. @incredibuild and @understandDotAi at the #AutonomousVehicleTechnologyWorldExpo

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Industry Insights, Meet The Team

5 minute interview – Adrian Bedford, Head of Software for StreetDrone

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