Open Source, Collaborative, Self-Driving Software

We’re working to provide validated self-driving software, straight out of the box

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Harnessing Open Source Self-Driving

We want to provide safe, certified and affordable self-drive capability to anyone who needs it. Based on the Autoware open-source stack we’ve got our software and engineering teams adding to the open-source code and then testing and validating that code in the real world.

Using our own vehicles as test-beds, we are going to enable vehicle manufacturers, universities and anyone else to have access to a full self-driving software stack, including localisation, detection, prediction, planning and control modules.

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Autoware - Autoware is a ROS-based open source software developed by a worldwide community of contributors. It is renown for its performance in real-world testing and supported by many of the major self-driving players.

Key Features:
Localisation - 3D Mapping, SLAM algorithms, GNSS and IMU Support
Detection - Fusion of Camera, LiDAR sensors
Prediction and Planning - deep neural networks, rule based systems

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Guided Implementation

Our vehicles are designed for StreetDrone Autoware. We are currently defining a baseline sensor set, including cameras and LiDAR to work towards out-of-the box autonomous vehicle technology.

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