StreetDrone’s XCU drive-by-wire system is one of the world’s only commercially available retro-fit driving robots, and can be fitted to virtually any vehicle.


StreetDrone XCU - Drive by Wire

StreetDrone vehicles combine drive-by-wire technology with a functionally-safe open interface to allow the integration and validation of any self-driving technology. Our unique approach of using actuators give clear areas of responsibility. – No reverse engineering of the base vehicles systems.

All of our vehicles come with dual-use capability, you can drive it in the traditional way as the OEM intended or with any self-driving software such as Enterprise Aslan, you can swap easily in and out of autonomous mode.

StreetDrone has designed the XCU system with full redundancy in mind. Designed by autonomous vehicle technology experts for all autonomous vehicle applications. A Drive-by-wire alone is not enough, true functional safety of the system is our key to avoiding disruptions and bringing autonomy for all that is affordable.

Our vehicles are software and hardware agnostic, and ready to help you accelerate your progress within your specific use-case. 

Read the StreetDrone 2020 Safety Report


Our product range


StreetDrone Twizy

Available from £89,500

Autonomous Ready 2 Door Twizy


StreetDrone e-NV200

Available from £155,000

5-7 Seater or Panel Van


StreetDrone Bespoke

Yes, we can make any vehicle autonomous,

even a 1980’s Pontiac Trans Am.

Safety by design

Safety is clearly the most important aspect when deploying self-driving vehicles and all starts with the vehicle itself. The years of experience we have in our engineering team in automotive control systems means that we can build the safest possible drive-by-wire system in parallel with the vehicle manufacturers existing systems.

This means no hacking, no spoofing and no risk of unknown failures affecting the vehicle. Safety comes first, and the integrated solution we provide means that our customers can be certain that they are building a stack of technologies that safely work seamlessly together.

Published functionality safety

We’ll provide full functional safety documentation when you become a StreetDrone customer. 

Supports UK DfT rules on data access

All StreetDrone vehicles come preloaded with the capability of recording data that complies with UK Department of Transport rules for autonomous trials and testing.

Tried and tested driver interface

Our functional safety case extends to the interaction between autonomous vehicle and safety driver. We build safety in by default.

2020 Safety Report

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