Functionally Safe
Self-Driving Deployment

StreetDrone has fully refined its safety approach in line with industry standards and widely recognised best practices

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No single point of failure

Safety is our priority. We build functional safety as a priority into all levels of our vehicles – from the tyres up. Our approach ensures no single point of failure with “fail-stop” design and multiple levels of operational redundancy.

We have put years of automotive experience into building an extensive safety case, that complies with the UK Department for Transport's testing codes of practice

DfT Code of Practice

Functional Safety Approach

StreetDrone installs safety equipment in all vehicles to ensure that its safety goals are fulfilled. Examples include:

- Safety driver takeover via wheel, brake, throttle intervention,
- Emergency cut out switches and buttons
- AI / compute handshaking and time out
- Vehicle dynamics- based actuation limits

All functional safety is rules based, certifiable and in line with the UK DfT's code of practice for driverless car testing. StreetDrone has an established level 2 (as per SAE levels) drive-by-wire system that allows its customers to install their own self-driving applications safely and effectively.

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