Autonomous first/last mile delivery platform

The StreetDrone Deliver-E is the perfect vehicle for trialling and deploying self-driving last mile delivery solutions

First/last mile delivery

StreetDrone has collaborated with Astheimer (a world class design studio with an automotive focus) and WMG (an academic department at the University of Warwick) to integrate our collective knowledge, skills and previous works to put together the perfect vehicle for city deliveries.

The Deliver-E is an all electric, autonomous-ready delivery vehicle designed to solve the challenges of self-driving deliveries in city scenarios. For more information on the collaboration partners, click here:


Vehicle features

StreetDrone Deliver-E includes our StreetDrone open interface with the following key features:

- Full drive-by-wire including ancillaries
- Fully electric drive train
- Integrated sensor suite
- Custom bodywork with large load bed for pizzas, coffees and more

For more information and enquiries on Deliver-E pricing, please do get in touch with the sales team.

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