Accessible and affordable. The ultimate self-driving platform for teaching, R&D and testing

Full drive-by-wire access, built in sensors and computational hardware - the StreetDrone ONE is ready to accelerate your innovation. Starting at £69,500.

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Self-driving tech for everyone

The StreetDrone ONE is an autonomous-ready EV and completely configurable to your requirements. From a fleet of cars for a technology test environment to a single car to support a starts-up’s complimentary technology development. We can configure our products to meet your needs. Follow the configuration selection above and print your hardware quote today.

Throttle, Brake, Steering Control

We install carefully selected actuators and redundant monitoring sensors, along with a StreetDrone XCU to provide a drive-by-wire system that requires no reverse engineering, hacking or voltage interception. The StreetDrone ONE system ensures safe control of brake, throttle, steering and ancillaries via a two-channel control system.

  • 2 ECUs forming a 2 channel safety system
  • Arm and Engage Mode Selection System
  • Passive data acquisition mode
  • Drive-by-Wire E stop, with optional passenger extension
  • Full time safety driver override system
  • 2 Accessible CAN Bus interfaces

High Operational Redundancy

Safety is our priority. We build functional safety as a priority into all levels of the StreetDrone ONE from the tyres up. The StreetDrone ONE ensures no single point of failure with “fail-stop” design and multiple levels of operational redundancy. At any point the safety driver can regain full control of the vehicle via 7 independent inputs, including touching the brake pedal, applying a torque to the steering wheel or simply hitting the big red stop button. The dashboard also features an “arm and engage” mode selection system.

Cameras, LiDAR, RADAR

Data is key in AV learning and development, and StreetDrone ONE NVIDIA® comes complete with a standard set of 8 HD cameras and 4TB of onboard storage. For customers with a different set of requirements, our expert engineers can set up and supply optional state-of-the-art sensors including RADAR and LiDAR.

Whether you choose one of our recommended set-ups, or prefer to use bring[SR5]  your own sensors, StreetDrone ONE can accommodate, with custom-designed brackets close to convenient cabling. We’ve also thought about the data itself, so StreetDrone ONE supports a powerful data logger expandable from 4TB, with optional 4G connectivity.

Composite Bodywork

StreetDrone ONE has been designed with custom bodywork to make testing and development as easy as possible. The bodywork has easily modifiable camera mounts, along with a flat area on the roof to ensure robust and minimum-vibration fixing of LiDAR and 360 degree cameras. StreetDrone ONE arrives with an easy-access instrumentation area at the rear of the vehicle, weatherproof seals and ancillary 12V supply to ensure that you get the maximum output from each and every testing application.

Powered by RENAULT

StreetDrone ONE is supported by Renault as part of the Twizy POM (Platform Open Mind) program. The Twizy is a versatile, lightweight foundation platform which provides simple reliable modular base on which to build an innovative test platform.

13kWh / 17HP

Max Power


Max Torque


Max Speed





Lithium ion


6.1 KWh


3.5 h


10 A


3 pin plug


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