StreetDrone XCU

The central nervous system for self-driving cars

Connecting self-driving hardware to your vehicle

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Introducing StreetDrone XCU

The StreetDrone XCU is the ‘central nervous system’ for self-driving cars, a Motion Control Unit connecting self-driving hardware to the car itself. Currently in v1.0, we’ve put countless years of experience into building a system that is both advanced and safe, and provides a significant shortcut in autonomous driving development. It’s also built into all of our StreetDrone ONE cars, meaning we’re constantly testing and upgrading the system through the on-road experiences of ourselves and our customers.

The Detail

Product benefits:

- Enables vehicle to become autonomous ready by connecting self-driving AI / software with the car
- Quick and lightweight implementation to CAN bus
- Connects control system to the cars drive-by-wire capability
- Provides full functional safety for autonomous systems
- Two channel, single point of failure and multiple sensors ensure a safe and conservative test driver handover as part of a fail-stop design.

The details:

- 2 ECUs forming a 2 channel safety system: Control ECU & Monitor ECU
- Arm and Engage Mode Selection System
- Passive data acquisition mode
- Drive-by-Wire E stop, with optional passenger extension
- Full time safety driver override system
- 2 Accessible CAN Bus interfaces

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