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The StreetDrone Deliver-E: delivering a micro mobility last mile solution

By Sonya,

November 19th, 2018

With a growing demand for future-facing transport solutions to solve the problem of inner city logistics, StreetDrone have collaborated with WMG and automotive designers Astheimer to reveal a self-driving delivery vehicle, designed specifically to tackle the challenges of cost effective last mile deliveries.

Recent investments in the micro-mobility sector for companies like Lime, Spin and Bird are driving huge market growth in “last mile” technology development, ensuring it is key to the future of mobility.  Starting from the bottom up (micro mobility) rather than top down (downsizing) in vehicles is creating a completely different view on the last mile problem.

Working with Astheimer (a world class design studio with an automotive focus) and WMG (an academic department at the University of Warwick), we have combined our collective knowledge, skills and previous works to put together the perfect vehicle for city deliveries.

In 2017, WMG and Astheimer launched the Deliver-E vehicle tech demonstrator, based upon the Renault Twizy. StreetDrone have joined the project, integrating sensors such as camera and LiDAR, to add self-driving ability. We have been building these systems into our own research vehicle, the StreetDrone ONE, currently sold to universities, start-ups and bigger organisations who are developing self-driving tech.

With bodywork designed to have room for parcels, pizzas, as well as self-driving hardware such as the NVIDIA Drive PX2, together we have built a concept well placed to bridge the gap between manual driving and long term level 5, driverless deployments. At StreetDrone, we specialise in safe implementations of AI, and part of this project is providing safety systems to ensure that a safety driver can take over in the event of part of the “self-driving brain” malfunctioning.

The new StreetDrone Deliver-E is aimed at all organisations involved in addressing the challenging autonomous logistics space, and should prove a perfect demonstrator for those willing to be early movers in a new technology space.

Future versions of the StreetDrone Deliver-E will be capable of fully redundant, Level 5 operation making the concept more like a “Amazon Locker on wheels”. David Greenwood, Professor, Advanced Propulsion Systems at WMG said, “our next concept would include individual 4 wheel electric motors providing a turning circle better than a London black cab at the same time as adding steering and braking redundancy for full Level 5 capability”.

Chief Strategist for StreetDrone, Mark Preston commented “the StreetDrone Deliver-E product delivers a micro mobility last mile solution to the growing concerns over urban congestion caused by too many large white vans being used to deliver tiny little packages. This vehicle is step one in a journey towards small, electric, connected, fully autonomous micro mobility logistics vehicles for the urban city centres.”

“Imagine a world where small last mile logistics vehicles quietly organise a city, travelling quietly through the night delivering goods and services,” comments Astheimer’s CEO, Carsten Astheimer. “We saw a niche requirement for this service, and formed a partnership with StreetDrone, who already work with their autonomous-ready Twizy’s, to make this a reality.”

About Astheimer

Astheimer is a world class design studio, working collaboratively to develop the products of the future for their clients, on a global scale from smaller challenger brands to well established market leaders such as JLR, Bentley, Caterpillar and Mars.

About WMG

WMG, University of Warwick
WMG is a world leading research and education group and an academic department of the University of Warwick, established by Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980 in order to reinvigorate UK manufacturing through the application of cutting edge research and effective knowledge transfer.

WMG has pioneered an international model for working with industry, commerce and public sectors and holds a unique position between academia and industry. The Group’s strength is to provide companies with the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by understanding a company’s strategy and working in partnership with them to create, through multidisciplinary research, ground-breaking products, processes and services.

Every year WMG provides education and training to schoolchildren through to senior executives. There is a growing part-time undergraduate programme for apprentices, as well as full-time undergraduates. The postgraduate programmes have over 2,000 students, in the UK and through centres in China, India, Thailand, South Africa and Malaysia.

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