The safest autonomous vehicles on the road.

The most advanced drive-by-wire systems available, built directly into our vehicles.

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A range of vehicles for varied use cases

For those developing, proving and deploying self-driving technology and self-driving mobility services, we have engineered our drive-by-wire technology into multiple vehicles.

Our vehicles provide an open interface for any application developer or deployer to test and deploy their chosen technology on road legal vehicles. Be it an algorithm, mobility service or complete self-driving stack, our StreetDrone vehicles can help you accelerate your development cycle.

Details of our StreetDrone vehicles for different use cases can be found here:

SD TwizySD Deliver ESD ZOESD eNV200SD SUV SD Bespoke

StreetDrone Architecture

StreetDrone vehicles combine drive-by-wire technology with a functionally safe open interface to allow integration and validation of any self driving technology. Our vehicles are software and hardware agnostic, and ready to help you accelerate your progress within your desired usecase

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