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By mike,

August 8th, 2019

Self-driving startup Wayve, founded by Cambridge University PhD students Amar Shah and Alex Kendall, is reported to be on the way to securing $20m USD in its latest funding round. 

In early 2018, Wayve received StreetDrone’s first autonomous-ready open interface Twizy vehicle. Equipped with full drive-by-wire, functional safety system, custom bodywork and camera suite, the vehicle was destined to develop, validate, and demonstrate Wayve’s work within the field. Wayve was also the first StreetDrone customer to test on the public road, initial trials took place on the quiet streets of Cambridge. StreetDrone supported Wayve by ensuring its supplied vehicle complied with the recommendations of the code of  practice for driverless, issued by the UK government (read up on that here)

The organisation prides itself on its unique approach to self-driving, relying only on cameras and machine learning rather than the sensor heavy approach seen elsewhere in the nascent market. 

Wayve founders Amah Shah and Alex Kendall

The round is reported to be led by US venture capitalists Eclipse, with additional investment from current investors.

In the past few months, Wayve has released multiple examples of its self-driving tech in action, including “Learning to drive in a day” where a safety driver corrects the car’s untrained neural networks until it ‘learns’ the importance of staying on the road, and therefore avoids the verge.

In all of Wayve’s demonstrations, they use only cameras, in contrast to the LiDAR based developments of others, and neural networks with varying levels of pre-training.

StreetDrone’s CSO, Mark Preston commented “It’s great to see one of our early customers achieving great things, and jumping up there with the big names worldwide.  Wayve have been the perfect example of how we envisaged people using our vehicles: to get an accelerated starting point, and jump ahead of the competition. We look forward to seeing Wayve’s next steps as they continue to break new ground with their unique approach.”

You can see Wayve’s StreetDrone Twizy in action here:

Urban Driving with End-to-End Deep Learning – Wayve

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About Wayve

Wayve is a self-driving technology startup that is pioneering the most advanced artificial intelligence software for the next generation of self-driving cars. Founded by a team out of Cambridge University, the company tests their autonomous vehicle software on public UK roads. For more information, visit

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