XenOS On-Demand

Rapidly integrate
mobility applications

StreetDrone's XenOS OD enables rapid integration
of cloud based applications

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Connect your vehicle into self-driving fleets

The StreetDrone XenOS On-Demand (XenOS OD) platform extends the XenOS OV system that we implement on each and every vehicle that leaves our factory and those of our production partners, and allows any cloud based mobility applications to run on vehicles in much the same way that Android or Apple iOS allows applications to run on mobile phones.

XenOS OD is a cloud based integrated platform (currently in Beta only) allowing 2 way communication between mobility applications and both on-vehicle applications such as self-driving software stacks and AI.

XenOS On-Vehicle


Bestmile is a cloud based application allowing autonomous vehicles to be “ordered” to drive a specific route and track their progress whilst doing so. We’ve added the Bestmile application to the Xenos OD application system, providing all our vehicles with this functionality. All our customers need to do is pay the subscription price for the service and they have instant access to the Bestmile application on all of their vehicles.

Any mobility application (like Bestmile) can be added to Xenos OD and be provided automatically to any vehicle running our system, meaning faster and cheaper implementations.

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