XenOS On-Vehicle

Autonomous vehicle
operating system

StreetDrone's XenOS OV enables interfacing of any self-driving software stack, safely and effectively

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Open interface to self-driving software

The StreetDrone XenOS On-Vehicle (XenOS OV) platform is the operating system that we implement on each and every vehicle that leaves our factory and those of our production partners, and allows any self-driving applications to run on vehicles in much the same way that Android or Apple iOS allows applications to run on mobile phones.

Xenos OV runs on 2 computation units, independently from the vehicles own automotive systems, in a completely secure environment and provides the means for computers running self-driving software to send data to, and receive data from, the vehicle drive control system and safety applications.

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Install any self-driving software

All of the vehicles we sell, or design drive-by-wire systems for, come with our own drive-by-wire control system and native functional safety built on the XenOS platform. However, the platform equally provides the means for 3rd party control systems to be implemented on any of the vehicles and also to have that vehicle controlled by any self-driving stack.

This is the core benefit of Xenos OV; the ability to swap out self-driving applications whilst maintaining the same vehicle architecture, or maintain the same self-driving application across multiple vehicle makes and models. This means our customers save time, money and can more quickly implement their technology and grow their fleets.

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